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What Does Worship Look Like at FBCMorrisville


   At FBC, we believe that our worship must be God-centered. He is the “audience of One” and is looking for His people to come into His presence with praise and thanksgiving. We combine the new with the classics and some hymns led by our worship team of various instruments following the Biblical practice of using Psalms, yymns and spiritual songs. But worship is far more than about an hour or so on Sunday mornings. It’s about a daily walk with Christ every day of our lives. As we worship Him throughout our week, Sunday should just be a continuation of what we have been doing all week long. Worship is also far more than about music. Worship is expressing our love for God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We are striving for excellence as we believe this honors our God who has always given us His best.

The Word

   We worship God by opening and studying His word with interesting and culturally relevant messages. Each week we expound on the Word of God in ways you can apply to every day life. The messages will help you grow in your understanding of God's Word and His purpose for your life.


   There is no "Dress Code" at FBC. Casual and comfortable is fine. Sneakers and jeans, shorts in the summer, or suit if you prefer. On game days wear your teams jersey (Except Cowboy and Yankee fans)! We do ask that you dress modestly and that men remove their hats in God's house.