Break Free Youth Group takes place from 6-9 PM each Sunday evening at the church. It is a place of fellowship where teens are encouraged to be disciples who evangelize and serve to the praise and glory of God. This is the slogan for our youth group that my husband, Mike and I prayed through when we took over. We want to teach our teens Christian morals and values, but above all else we want them to know how to have a daily relationship with God  that is consistently growing and maturing as they do. We love to fellowship with the teens doing fun events like laser tag and pool parties . It is important that they learn and grow with Christians their age and have a safe place to spend time. Teens do not have it easy in our anything goes, look out for yourself, harsh world we live in now and it will not get easier as they get older. We want them to know Jesus Christ personally so that they live with purpose, meaning and love. A regular Sunday night at youth group consists of games, worship, a lesson, a snack and small groups where the teens can open up to discuss issues they are going through or talk more about the lesson to make sure they understood it. Mike, myself and the other leaders find it a privilege to teach and spend time with these teens as they grow into God-honoring adults.

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